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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  April 18, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>>erica: and corte to start to your friday. by lunchtime but this afternoon we will see cooler weather into tomorrows " we will rebound justin time for easter sunday. we will have a full look at the portion of the forecast coming up a 615. in the meantime, here is george. >>george: for those of you driving today you will enjoy much much lighter than usual traffic. take a look at the toll plaza you could see it starts traffic which is great news even in the center lanes. the main lines have not yet been activated for the westbound a ride. your quick commute check shows a little slowing for interstate 580 in the westbound direction. south bend peninsula and north bay freeways are still very light. james? the >>james: following the latest at the commemoration of the 108 anniversary of
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the great quake in san francisco. a live look here at the lighting of the fire hydrant in the repainting of 20 of the church streets. one of the fire hydrant to that helped save the mission district during the great quake. we were live at the top of the 5:00 hour and a lot hit san francisco 108 years ago. >>: morning news. another shooting. kron4's will tran is live in what can you tell us? this happened around 1:00 in the morning at 13 and cooling the at a house last coming business. a man and woman were inside at the time sleeping. at least one person came inside tried to break in and attempted robbery. this person according to my sources was
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shot by the homeowner. and then while the homeowner was outside of defending his house my sources tell me his buddies. we're talking a suspect but these fired at him. and all of two people were hit. the victim right now is in critical condition. he is alive. another person free of time later showed up with a friend or driver at kaiser hospital located a couple miles from this location. that person died at the same. my sources say that person was in fact the suspect behind the shooting of the official word from the richmond police department is they are not sure this person was the suspect. it could be a coincidence. maybe two separate shootings and another person showed up at kaiser wanted dan, i have found out according to sources one person has showed up describe to be in his early to mid 20's. that is the description of the suspect. there are live shell casings and a lot of
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blood all over the place. we do know that the life inside the house was not injured. we are here and obviously looks like it will be here for the next 45 hours to try and give more information on exactly what happened in but it appears this was a boss robbery. it does not appear the suspect or suspects in this case knew that anyone was home at this plumbing business located on 13th and coalinga. >>: we will update you on another shooting. a police in concord try to figure out a shooting that happened last night around a 55 on have a way street. it found a man in the road suffering from at least one gunshot. he was pronounced dead at the scene. >>mark: gunshot wound. search and rescue teams
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a woman's body matching the description of a missing hiker on mount tamalpais has been found. search and rescue teams found 50-year old maria sanner of mill valley last night after searching all afternoon. police say that sanner and a male friend were out hiking late wednesday. sanner decided to head back, while her friend continued down the trail. sanner never made it to her
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car. her father became worried when he got a phone call about sanner's dog running free. the dog was waiting next to her car. all this comes less than a week after the body of another female hiker was found on saturday. sheriff's deptuies say there doesn't appear to be any connection in the two cases. a woman's body. matching the description of a missing hiker on mount tamalpais. has been found. after a search this evening. kron four's jeff bush is live on mount tam with tonight top story.
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at least twelve people are dead in an avalanche and another nine are missing. the dead are six local guides. the avalanche hit just below one of the camps this morning. it's one of the route used to climb the world's highest peak. four bodies have been recovered and rescuers are digging two more out of the snow. the sherpa guides had gone early in the morning to the area to fix the ropes for climbers.
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with honors and awards tell me what the bus hit. >>: we are hearing the friday 911 calls of the bus crash near chico last week. that was that call was included on the 911 recording released today by the chp. it shrinks can be heard in the background as passengers to escape the bus struggle to describe the crash to dispatchers. 10 people died in the fiery
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wreck all along interstate 5. investigators were at the scene today try to recreate the deadly crash and figure out exactly what caused this tragedy. any state teachers behind bars accused of having a sexual relationship with a minor. leon chang. a teacher at san leandro high school. turned himself in to san jose police yesterday. school administrators reported the incident to police. investigators say, they found evidence which linked chang to the minor. chang is being charged with two felonies.
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developing story another retailer with a major security breach and this time it is my goals. if the company says the breach of less than a month and affected about 3 million customers. kron4's jacki sizzle has details from the michaels stores and emeryville. >>: the largest arts and crafts store and the entire country. today they revealed that there has been a security breach. seems like they're doing the stores more and more often than. this lasted for several months. they separated sometime in the beginning of next last year. only about
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400,000 customers were affected by it. what kind of information we are talking about. the good news is live
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talk about over 50s. inland areas for the look like posey of his devotees from places like fairfield and have a. you'll notice. more sixties and eighties definitely it will bay cooler afternoon total sunshine. fairfield testing 76. 73 for those of you and pleasanton. the upper 60s along the east bay shoreline. the middle of
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next week.
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eliascal-osha is finding bart for an accident that killed to make some maintenance workers during last year's bart strike. the state's safety agency has find our $210,000 for three safety violations. a bart train hit and killedlaurence daniels and christopher sheppard last october while they were inspecting the tracks between the walnut creek in pleasant hill stations. happening today in the bay area the morning the group this morning, the group " justice for in the lopez " plans to confront sonoma
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county district attorney jil ravitch at 88 candidates from to call for an indictment of deputy sheriff erick gelhaus. gelhaus killed a 13 year old in october last year after he mistakenly thought the gun up lopez was carrying was a real assault weapon. also today that anti-nuclear protest at the lawrence livermore lab. the event is organized by " tri valley cares " and the "ecumenical peace is our to seven this morning at the northwest corner of the lab on vesco and patterson past world. >>james: new video this morning officers arrest for women on suspicion of stealing cellphone from people at gunpoint. you're looking at video of the car they drive in one they were stopped and arrested on mcallister streets in san francisco.
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a new survey finds more phone that's are still skyrocketing not just here in the bay area but all over the country. consumer reports estimates in 2013, 3.1 million americans for the victim of smart phone that's nearly double the defense from 2012 street san francisco district attorney george gascon says only way to protect march from owners from these robberies is to have telephones and, come enabled with a kill switch. it would give owners the option of turning it off. but so far he says the cellphone industry is unwilling to do that. gascon says the cell phone industry doesn't want the phone to come in a boat with >>james: and several men accused of tossing a firecracker from the bleachers at at&t park will be in court this afternoon. police say on wednesday night,paolo pavone tossed
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what is believed to be an m- 80 into a bar area at the bottom of the seventh inning. five fans were injured. officers were able to take the suspect into custody after other fans pointed him out. we spoke to one fan back at the ballpark who heard the explosion and saw the smoke. it was loud enough for the stadium to hear. >>james:pavone was booked on suspicion of willful and malicious explosion of a destructive device possession of the destruction device and the running fire work in a public place. >>mark: the weather was perfect for yesterday's giants game unfortunately so was the dodgers' starting pitcher hyun jin ryu. the
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trans cutting anything going against los angeles 3 and did they not only miss out on the series with with the 2-1 loss, they are also now tied with the dodgers' top n.l. west. >>mark: the sharks open their series against the l.a. kings and a big way. tomas hertl raffi torres jeo 410 --joe thornton patrick marleau and marc edourard vlassic all scored for san jose to jump all over the normally stingy jonathan quick. it was the first time in his career the kings' goalie gave up three goals in the first period of a playoff game. the sharks ticket one to nothing series lead. we want to see you showing your fan pride. warriors or
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explain how the government would gather the user data of on-line visitors. it also clarifies an on-line comments weather tire research of his arm and the open domain. the new policy statement will make it easier for stores the daytime and duration. nasa researchers have located a plan that the size of earth that could sustain life. the new found planet called cavalier 186 f.--kepler- 186f is slightly bigger than ours and they support liquid water. it was bought by scientists using nasa's
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kepler spacesspace telescope. the plan serve as a red dwarf star about 490 light years away. coming up on the kron4 morning news, the bay area remembers the earthquake that nearly wiped out the entire city of san francisco. we will continue our live coverage throughout the morning and a baby in the south bay dies in his father's estate. when police say led to his death. and the latest on weather and traffic with a live look care on the creek. as the starting to rise a little bit earlier. traffic moving smoothly on 680 so far. will be back with weather and traffic and top stores in just two minutes as the kron4 morning news continues. happened at the company picnic.
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east bay. and richmond where police say a shooting overnight turned deadly. kron4's will tran live now with the latest on the investigation. will won the annulled. >>: the investigation is 5 years old and you can see investigators are still at the same. it happened around 1:00 in the morning. we do know that a man has died. the official word from the richmond police department. they don't know if a man who showed up at hospital in short time after the shooting is connected to it but they tell me that the person who went to a kaiser hospital located a couple miles from this thing, yes and they believe that person who dies is in fact a person who tried to break into this home. here's video. a man and woman were inside. at him and his wife were inside at the time. a home/coming business. someone tried to break again. the man beaten at the door. fires a shot at the suspected at this point they tell me that everyone was all tied at the time. the victim is already injured. while the homeowner
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was outside this said the suspect but the four buddies and fired a shot that's what the victim was injured in this. right now isn't serious conditions. he should surprises injuries as far as a motive for this. we don't know exactly what happens. they will be here for at least another three to four hours. if we come back alive. you can see all the markers on the ground. and it full of blood as well. >>: following the latest with commemorations san francisco. 108 years ago today. the great earthquake devastated san francisco. kron4's mike boldin joins us live with margaret >>: saved the mission
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district after fires broke out then from that mass of the earthquake. the commemoration ceremony began at 5:00 this morning. a popular meeting place. at 5:00 this morning at. when the earthquake struck. fire trucks turned on to commemorate the moment. >>: city officials also laid a wreath on the fountain. more than 3000 people died tens of thousands became this place during their quick and subsequent fires. as we come back out there live. matt was the first part of the commemoration ceremony. the fire hydrant
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has ben spray-painted gold. this morning everyone has been dedicating their spray paint to someone perhaps they lost a relative or someone who survived the fire. you hear from a lot of them coming up in the next hour. we'll check back with you in the morning. >>: at 633 let's turn our attention to weather and traffic. we will >>erica: we have been dropped for the upper forties. the san francisco not too bad. low 50s and to the livermore valley. if you clouds of their along the coast we will see a cooler conditions as we head into the afternoon. mainly 60s and low '70's. by the weekend even cooler weather on saturday. temperatures will rebound david. republican at prime conditions. temperatures in
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the '70s but we will turn things around as we head into early next week with the possibility of some showers. what the full details on that. offering up that 7 day around the bay forecast. take a look at the road now. >>george: we have a monetary one accidentally that's the only one. light back of some bay area bridges. here 0101 north bound heading up the palo alto at oregon expressway and accident that likes to lanes. it is affecting the ride. and it's adding about 60 minutes to the north bound 101 drive times. but the rest of the commute on 101 is so light that to concede there's not much to slow the trip as you head of a way to san mateo and up toward sfo. that's really the only spot >>: thank you george. that 5 armonk fire and berkeley on saturday calls $9 million in damage. even to what's left.
6:35 am
san jose police are investigating the death of a baby was left in the car for more then nine hours.
6:36 am
>>: so far no charges have been filed against the father. the case has been passed on. there will now review its. >>: new details about a teen girl found naked pepper sprayed and crime for help in berkeley. san francisco police are now in charge of not only figuring out where but who snatched the 16 year-old, rob her of her belongings and raped her. they cannot simply wears in san francisco she was taken but it will go to the neighborhood to talk to any possible witnesses. police say this on the girls aged this could be a case of sex the trafficking. gunpoint.
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well welcome back police and elsewhere in all arresting a woman who stole a package from the hall earlier this week. an officer was on richmond street found a woman opening a package outside a home. 21 year-old to see those of and said she had just taken that package after it was delivered to a home. he said she was always also wanted in napa county for process. >>: there may not be enough
6:42 am
money to cover the thousands of lawsuits filed against the nfl over concussions. a judge overseeing the case has rejected a proposed $765 million settlement. she says it may not be enough to cover up to 20,000 retired players for 65 years. the judges ordered lawyers to address the issue
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back essex 44 talking about the weather. a beautiful looking shot. really not
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much difference compared to what we experience 24 hours ago as we warned rob de young others temperatures really start to climb. by 9:00 we will continue to see tears areas. downtown san francisco today a high of
6:46 am
63. was a 66 degree weather. ha overall no complaints. springlike conditions just a touch of color as we head into your saturday. temperatures right now will drag things apart a crowded skies into the middle of next week. 646 is the time right now have been friday george. not unusual given that it's good friday but
6:47 am
the rest of the south bay commute not bad at all. and here's a look at what all want to see why this accident is not having a bigger or more severe and pack because normally we would see slow traffic all through the bore a corridor. president obama says he hopes that who is what
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heading out to a lot of sunshine. a live look. temperatures man in the forties and low 50s. approaching launch time. not going to be as warm. still holding on to 50s along the coast.


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